I used to love science class because it was always hands-on or we would do some really cool in-person experiments. MiSci is holding winter break sessions that are aimed at keeping kids interested in science with a little bit of each kind of learning. They are even setting up at-home kits for the kids.

It is a big task to have hands-on science classes during a pandemic but at  Schenectady miSci they are holding virtual classes that will actually have in-person, at-home experiences, and more according to the Daily Gazette. The museum has also created material kits that students can pick-up.

It isn't just science that is being taught as miSci in Schenectady. They are part of the STEM program which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. In an effort to keep kids learning during the week of winter break, these classes will be offered from February 15th through February 19th.

Gabriella Gastelum the vice president of miSci's education department says of the winter break classes:

The best way to fulfill our vision is to provide students with hands-on experiences, which our audience enjoys very much.

There are a bunch of interesting subjects being offered including constellations, butterflies, nanoscale objects, the Mars landing, and optical illusions. The hands-on experiments include making a telescope which is geared toward kids from K through 3rd grade. The optical illusion classes are more for kids in grades third, fourth, and fifth.

Gabriella Gastellum went on to say:

For the past five years, miSci has provided families and their children with more than twenty different programs. 2021 will be no exception.

It is encouraged that you sign up ahead of time online or by contacting cindy.demarco@misci.org or call 518-382-7890, Ext. 228.

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