I love when I see posts that start "Millennials..." and say whether we do this, that, or another. As a millennial, I have to click on it. I love hearing news stations telling me what I like or dislike and according to this new one, I hate food, eating and groceries. Does that even make sense?

According to The Atlantic, Millennials are no longer going to supermarkets but instead eating out at restaurants. Apparently the move isn't exclusive to Millennials but restaurant spending in Millennials has grown exponentially.

WREX out of Rockford, IL went as far to ask "Do Millennials even eat food?" If you were to listen to this article, you would think that we both hate to leave our house for food but at the same time only eat at restaurants.

Smiling friends taking selfie photo from nightclub with billiard

Oh no! How did they get our secret behind our knowledge of Instagram hashtags & Snapchat filters? Now everyone will hold the power of Millennials! Seriously, though, take it from a Millennial, I don't know any of us that can afford to eat like that all of the time. Especially in the world of Pinterest where we're pinning different recipes for our overnight oats, avocado toast, and putting everything in mason jars.

You can call us lazy, you can say that we're on our phones too much and I'm even fine with saying we're a less respectful generation (mostly because I know a lot of that isn't true). I need to nip this generalization about Millennials in the bud though. Guys, I'm a Millennial and I eat food.

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