Metered parking will go back into effect after being paused due to the coronavirus.

If you are just getting back to work in Albany or if you have been working through the pandemic and enjoying free parking, get ready to pay again for that spot.

The Times Union is reporting metered parking will restart on Monday, and officials are giving folks an incentive to use the ParkAlbany app. The 5 cent app usage fee has been waived through July 1st. This also means parking enforcement will be back, except for Washington and Lincoln Parks.

This is a sure sign things are getting a little bit back to normal. I mean, free parking is just not a thing in any city. And lets be honest, with most of the area not working during the pandemic, there was really no one to pay those parking fees anyway. So fees coming back is a good sign workers are coming back too. Hopefully soon we will also have trouble finding a spot to park in.

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