If you are wondering if you should buy that sale item this Memorial Day weekend, read this first!

There are tons of Memorial Day sales going on this weekend at just about every store.  Sometimes it make you a little crazy thinking, should I run out and get this item or can this deal wait. It all gets so confusing for those of us who want to save a little cash by getting the best deal out there.  Well, In case you missed it, on Wednesday's show, Andrea educated us on what products are the best to buy this Memorial Day weekend and which ones you should wait on.

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With Memorial Day being the unofficial start of summer, it's reasonable to believe that Summer items should be on your "buy" list!  And that's correct.  Clothes, patio furniture and gardening necessities are all a go this weekend with what could be the lowest prices of the season!  Power tools, lap tops...WAIT!  These items may have a "sale" associated with them, but the price will be lower if you can wait it out.

For the complete list of "Buy or Wait" sale items this weekend, check out Andrea's list on Andrea's Coupon Club.