Hey everyone!  I'm Drew, the new summer intern here at WGNA.  There's a chance you've seen me fetching a ball for Jordan and Jared, or standing behind a station table somewhere in the Capital Region.
I'm a senior Music Industry undergraduate student, and I've worked with some radio stations back home in Rochester, NY in the past.  I'm a huge music lover and, apparently, a big time hipster.

Credit: Drew D'Ambrosio
Credit: Drew D'Ambrosio

I'm very excited to be a part of the WGNA crew and I've decided it'd be cool to share my experiences this summer with y'all.  You'll get to know me a little better and see what I do around the station.  Who knows?  Maybe some of the amazing country charm here will rub off on me.  Without any further ado, here is the premier of my own WGNA series, "Two Worlds, One Flannel".  Get it?  Because hipsters and country folks both wear flannel?... never mind. Enjoy the video!


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