McDonald's is celebrating National McMuffin Day Monday by giving out free sandwiches.

Your Monday this week could get off to a great start with a free, tasty treat. Monday, March 2nd is National McMuffin Day and you can get the sandwich for at McDonald's. You can claim yours between 6am - 10:30am Monday on the McDonald's app.

The McMuffin is perfection. It could quite possibly be the greatest breakfast sandwich in the history of mankind. Seriously. Is there a more perfect combination of muffin, meat and cheese? It's tasty, easy to eat when you are on the run and tomorrow, you can have one for free. While you are at it, go ahead and splurge on that hash brown and add it right to the sandwich for a McDonald's flavor explosion. It's the perfect pairing and darn tasty!

Your Monday morning commute just went from not so great to absolutely amazing. You're welcome!

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