McDonald's is recalling happy meal toys!

McDonald's is recalling almost 30 million fitness bands that have been given away in Happy Meals.  The bands could be causing skin irritations and burns to children.

Sean McMaster

If you have been to McDonald's with your kids lately, you know what I am talking about.  The Step it Fitness band is a wristband designed to track kid’s activities. It has push buttons and lights up when the kids are walking or playing.  I know this first hand as we have a couple here in my house, but no injuries!

There have been over 70 reports of the irritation or burns on children nationwide & in Canada.  Some injuries as severs as blisters.

If you have a wristband at home, McDonald's asks you to return it in exchange for a new toy, a yogurt or some apple slices.  The toys were distributed in happy meals between August 9th and august 17th.