A Massachusetts bill that would raise the minimum age to use to tobacco to 21 is building steam.

According to a News 10 report, the new age minimum has already been enacted in several parts of the Berkshires and could soon become a statewide law. It has been passed by the Massachusetts house and would need approval in the senate next to move forward. News 10 says the law would apply to both tobacco and vaping products.

You may recall in the last year or so a similar law was being considered in the state of New York, but nothing has become official yet. I am really torn on laws like this. I understand the want and need to protect younger folks, but ultimately young adults need to learn to make wise decisions for themselves.

It also comes back to the military adage for me - if you are old enough to fight for our country, you should be old enough to make decisions like these for yourself, right?

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