The election is down to the wire, but the absurdity still continues.  I thought it was a joke when I heard that Donald Trump told Obama that if he would produce his birth certificate, he would donate millions of dollars to charity.  Now here comes another "dare".

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You know the history of this, right?  If not, here was the first dare from "the Donald" according to

 If that wasn't bizarre enough, we now have a counter offer, Mark Cuban, one of the vicious sharks on my favorite show "Shark Tank" . It's billionaire against billionaire!  Here was his challenge, according to what I found on YouTube

Pretty funny, but it begs a question here.  Do you think these guys add interest to an otherwize boring election, or does it cheapen the office of the Presidency (no matter who is in office)? 

I'm not going to wait for you on this one.  I think the latter.  To go back to the root of all this --Trump- to embarrass the President like that is wrong in the first place(and I don't care WHO that may be).

And face it.  Trump wouldn't cut his hair any faster than Obama would heed HIS wishes. 

I just can't wait for this all to be over.  Bring it on, Tuesday!   (OK - your thoughts?)

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