While looking at the forecast for this morning into the afternoon I couldn't help but shake my head.  I tend to be a "skeptically glass half full kinda guy" meaning I try to stay as positive as I can while keeping it 100% real.  But man,  I gotta be honest with you guys, this weather stinks. Here comes the sorta, kinda, maybe good news though...

It's the final day of March.  We just need to get through one more day of this dreadful month.  A cold, dreary 31 days that gave us consistent and unbearably cold weather, and a storm named "Stella" that tested our tires, our patience, and our lower backs (with all that darn shoveling).

In like a Lion, out like a Lamb; that's the March mantra.   Although today doesn't appear to be very "lamb-like". Unless it's a lamb disguised as a 600 lb bear that once again wants to jam up Northway traffic, test your 4 wheel drive, and force you into the market grabbing all the bread and milk you can find.  Ok, perhaps I'm being a bit dramatic here.

April tends be the wetter cousin to March.  We do average an inch or 2 of snow in the Capital Region during this month but I'll take my chances. Glass half full Brian says: Tomorrow brings us the first day of a fresh month and hopefully better, more comfortable and livable weather here in the great Capital Region! But the skeptic in me says that no matter what tomorrow brings, remember that it will be April Fools Day, so don't break out the shorts and flip flops just yet.

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