A good samaritan got stuck in a Schenectady tree who was trying to rescue a cat who had been in the same tree for a week.

When I read this story, my first thought was this is totally something that would happen to me. I've been known to accidentally knock over a ladder when working on my roof! So when I read about the good-hearted guy trying to rescue a cat 100 feet up in a tree then got stuck himself, I could kind of relate.

According to the Daily Gazette, the cat had actually been up in the tree for about a week when the samaritan made the first rescue attempt. He climbed the tree using spike shoes and caught 60 feet up in the tree when a rope he was using fell to the ground. He was eventually rescued by firefighters, but one problem remained: the cat was still another 20 to 40 feet up and the fire equipment could not get that high in the tree.

The Gazette says a tree company was then called in, but they were not able to get to the cat either. As you would expect with the twists and turns of this story, the cat eventually came down on its own. Maybe after seeing all those humans going up and down the tree this frisky feline finally realized it could scale the mighty timber on its own. And if you have cats, you have to wonder: maybe this furry tree climber just did it all for its own entertainment?

And the next time you are driving through Clifton Park and see someone stranded on the roof of their home, it's probably me. Maybe I will blame the ladder falling over on my cats next time...

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