Luke Bryan turns 44 years old on July 17, and the "One Margarita" hitmaker is celebrating with his family in the great outdoors. Oh, and he's also shaking his groove thing.

In a birthday tribute to her hubby, wife Caroline Bryan notes that she still loves her man, even though celebrating him will mean not having air conditioning or plumbing for the weekend as they head out to rough it.

"Happy birthday Love Bug. We won’t have plumbing or AC for the next few days, but we have you and toilet paper. We love you so much," Caroline says in a post on Instagram:

Bryan is kicking off another year around the sun fishing with his sons Bo and Tate, and his nephew, Til, plus a few others who packed into what appears to be a tour bus to enjoy the adventure. They are truly living out Bryan's song "Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day."

Bryan tends to be a "go big or go home" type of guy,  and he seemed to be really feeling in the birthday mood, breaking out in dance. Swipe through Caroline's post to see him boogying down with his family and friends, glamping style.

Judging by son Tate's face, Bryan is another year older and getting even better at embarrassing his kids.

Bryan is being showered in birthday love not only by his family, but also his friends in the music business.

Industry pals Cole Swindell, Tyler Farr, Lionel Richie and more shared their love for the singer on Friday (July 17):

44 Reasons You've Gotta Love Luke Bryan:

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