Capital Region students will continue learning at home during what was supposed to be Spring Break.

As a result of the coronavirus, the Times Union is reporting Capital Region schools are following Education Department guidance and will cancel Spring Break. While the state will not penalize schools that do not hit the 180 day instruction mark this year, it seems like schools are taking the initiative to get as much learning in as possible. If you are a parent you can appreciate this, as keeping our kids and their education on track as best we can is a good thing.

In all honesty, kids can be so resilient once they settle into a new routine they really flourish. I have seen it first hand with my wife Stacy and our 2 kiddos at home. In spite of our crazy circumstances right now, they are doing well. Keeping that routine going is important right now.

At this point, parents who have taken on homeschooling duties could probably use a week off more that the kids! I am sure every parent running a home-school has a much higher appreciation for the difficult job our teachers do everyday.

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