A local professional poker player and third generation family member of the popular Ted's Fish Fry restaurants in the Capital Region sent out a series of somewhat concerning tweets in the early hours of the day on Monday morning.  Shaun Deeb, 34 from Troy, a regular at the poker table for years at Rivers in Schenectady and regarded as one of the top professional card players in the world, has battled the best poker players the game has to offer to the tune of over 8 million dollars in cashes throughout his career.  Right now, he might be in the biggest battle of his life after disclosing on social media that he has COVID with this message, "So I’ve been keeping this quiet last week and a half but I have COVID now and I think I’m going to need your guys help making a tweet or two go viral so I don’t have to get hospitalized in Mexico"

tweet by the poker star a short time after he made the announcement suggested that he has in fact been hospitalized in a private hospital stating that "no dr would come to my house and do what I needed."

Shaun Deeb is married and has two young children, but it appears as though his wife and kids are not with him right now while he's hospitalized in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Many fans and other players in the poker community have reached out to Deeb including actress and poker advocate Jennifer Tilly who expressed her concern by tweeting back, "So sorry to hear that Shaun. Sending healing wishes."

Deeb is a member of the family that owns and operates the 6 Ted's Fish Fry locations throughout the Capital Region.  We're all wishing him a fast and speedy recovery.

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