If there's one thing that I admire, it's tough ladies and I don't think they get much tougher than the women of roller derby.

These awesome chicks work hard by day at your typical day jobs but at night they are battling it out on roller skates.

I've also been fascinated with the sport of roller derby for a while. Honestly, I wish there was a league for men. It reminds me of that classic movie "Rollerball." Well, if you take away the motor cycles and the high chances of death.

In all seriousness, roller derby will be back in the Capital Region soon enough and I can't wait to watch a few matches.

Not only does the sport seem cool but they've got the coolest nick names.

Here a few from a local team, The Albany All Stars.

"Evil Eye Leen"

"Explosive Daria"

"Surely Trample"

"Crash N Carrie"

You can't not enjoy those names. If you'd like to catch some local roller derby action with the All Stars, click here.




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