It's no secret that when the power goes out for an extended period of time, food spoils! 

A big inconvenience at your home, but a devastating loss for local restaurants and diners who have to throw the food away, close for business and re-order food. In the wake of this week's bad storms, several businesses took a hit, forced to close while waiting for the power to get restored. One, in particular, will actually remained closed until sometime Saturday- the Latham Circle Diner.

Executive Chef Jason Hohn tells us that they "Estimate about $3,000 dollars worth of food loss and about $8000 in loss of business, Power was out from storm all night and was turned on Thursday, they are there prepping and cleaning now!"

The Albany Area landmark is expected to re-open on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Do you know a local business that lost money during the bad May storms? Please post your comments in the section below, and remember to support these local businesses when you decide where to eat this weekend.

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