Owner of Busty's Brew and BBQ pit in the Village of Whitehall thought the idea of a scantily clad pig would attract customers and help sell a few more beers and burgers. What he got was resistence from local residents and politicians who whined about the sexy swine.  Would this sign offend you or prevent you from eating there?

Newschannel 13's Ben Amey has the story and spoke to Joe Kelley owner of Whitehall's newest bbq and beer joint.  Kelley says this all started because of the size of the sign. That’s when some in the Village of Whitehall government voiced concern over "Busty the Pig" apparently being a little too racy, citing size of her cleavage and lack of clothing. "So they told me that I needed to fix the sign, shave off her nipple and cover her bosom and if I complied then I could put the sign back up, no problems."

Things changed rapidly though, according to the story. When tv cameras appeared to do the interview with Kelley, government officials from the Village of Whitehall informed the restaurant owner that his sign was "ok" to stay.  Meaning that for now, Busty's Brew and BBQ Pit is back in business allowing Kelley to bring home the bacon.

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