When I learned about this new twist on take-out from one of my favorite local restaurants, I got a little upset I have been missing out.

I think we all agree Perreca's Italian Kitchen in Schenectady is regarded by most as one of the best (if not the best) Italian eateries in the region. This is why I am totally bummed I have been missing out on their food drops in various Capital Region towns.

We know many restaurants have gotten super creative to find ways to serve the public during the pandemic, and what Perreca's has been doing with their "remote city" food drops is pure genius. Basically, they set up a schedule when they will visit various area towns and cities with a location where diners can pre-order and then pick up their food. All diners need to do is visit their website to see the schedule, place their order with Perreca's for that food drop date and location, and boom - a delicious, hot Perreca's meal is waiting for pick up in a town near you. So, for example, I could have ordered my fave - chicken parm - and could have picked up my meal right in my hometown of Clifton Park this past Friday night. My stomach is very upset with me for missing this opportunity.

Perreca's also had recent food drops in Amsterdam and Colonie and has more scheduled in the days ahead in Saratoga, Latham, and Guilderland. I would imagine orders for the drops fill up fast, so keep an eye on the Perreca's website. New cities and towns are added to the schedule on Sundays, and they start taking orders for those locations when they are announced. Slots for the food drops are limited.

From their tasty Italian main courses to the bakery to the bread, everything Perreca's whips up is top-notch, culinary genius. In fact, some of Nashville's biggest Country stars have commented on how amazing their food is when they have catered the backstage dining for our Secret Star concerts. Now, they are coming to a town near you!

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