Lee Brice's heart-wrenching song, 'I Drive Your Truck, becomes deeply personal in the music video, as Brice plays the songwriter who carries on his late friend's legacy by driving his truck.

The country singer Brice is a songwriter himself, but when he heard this song -- penned by Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington and Jimmy Yeary -- he was completely moved by the story it tells.

“The first time I heard it, it absolutely slayed me,” he recently told 'Billboard.' “I’m a songwriter, and I’m a sucker for great songs. I was so overwhelmed that I was even considered to take care of the song. It’s an amazing song, a positive song about loss and being able to reconnect with someone that you have lost in your life.”

'I Drive Your Truck' was so touching to Brice that he cast his brother, Lewis, to be the main actor in the video.

“It became a personal song to me the very first time that I heard it, and I thought about my granddaddy, and what I would like to do with the video,” he said. “Since it was so personal to me, I asked my brother to be the actual actor, the ‘star’ of the video. He did an amazing job on it, and I have a feeling that people are just going to be really moved by it.”

The clip starts out with several shots of someone's truck. With a dirty baseball cap on the dash, dog tags hanging from the rear view mirror, and some track on the floorboards, it looks like the owner could show up at any point to drive it away. But instead, the truck owner's friend comes to give it a spin.

As he drives the truck through back roads and familiar haunts, he rolls the windows down and plays his friend's favorite radio station. After tearing up a field, he pauses to have an emotional moment in the driver's seat. At the end of the video, he hands over the keys to his friend's widow and walks away.

'I Drive Your Truck' is the follow-up to Brice's No. 1 single 'Hard to Love.' This emotionally-charged video is even sadder than the song!

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