It's one of those things everyone wants to do but it seems so impossible to pull off, getting a recording star to help you propose at a concert. I don't know how he pulled it off but a Lee Brice fan in Chicago got that opportunity.

Even better than getting to propose on stage at a concert, Lee Brice actually posted the moment on all of his social media. You have to love that. He even wrote on his Facebook when he posted the video, "What it's all about…" I think that is so cool and it got even better than that, after she said yes, he played "I Don't Dance" which is the song Lee wrote for his wedding day.

Even better than THAT Lee Brice himself took the video! Crazy.

Check out the video Lee Brice put on his social media,

Right? SO cool!

I will tell you that kind of thing doesn't happen often I really do hope that this couple truly cherish the moment.

In case you are one of the few people who haven't heard "I don't Dance" the song Lee wrote for his very own wedding , or just want another listen while you are in a romantic mood here that is.