We all know Kenny Chesney's song "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems". Now you can add "Yes Sunglasses" to the title.

Kenny's designed his own line of sunglasses. He's calling them the "Kenny Chesney Limited Edition Costa Sunglasses". By limited, he means there are only 10 thousand pairs available. If you want your own pair, you'll need to fork over $149 to $279. That may seem a little steep, but a portion of the money is being donated to the Coastal Conservation Association.

You'll be able to buy them at all of Kenny's "Goin' Coastal" tour stops, or if you're not lucky enough to have tickets to the show, you can also buy them at costadelmar.com.

Now you not only can enjoy Kenny's great music, but he can set you in style, just in time for "Summertime". You'll be stylin' as you head to Corning Preserve in Albany for that picnic, or heading to Lake George to hang out on Million Dollar Beach. Do you think you'll get yourself some of Kenny's shades?