Kelsea Ballerini's "Legends" music video is even more dramatic than the song itself. Shot on an ocean cliff in Big Sur, Calif., Ballerini is stunning as she walks barefoot in a beautiful purple gown, singing while two actors bring the song to life in heart-wrenching fashion.

The four-and-a-half minute clip starts at the scene of a fatal car crash, but it's not clear who was in the car until the end. First, "Legends" takes viewers through the development of a beautiful relationship, which begins on someone else's wedding day when two people make eye contact across a sidewalk.

"Yeah we were legends / Loving you baby it was heaven / What everyone wondered we’d never question / Close our eyes and took on the world together / Do you remember / We were crazy / Tragic and epic and so amazing / I’ll always wear the crown that you gave me / We will always stay lost in forever / And they’ll remember / We were legends," Ballerini sings on the chorus.

From there, they're inseparable, growing together with inside jokes, knowing looks and sexy brushes. From long car rides to burnt dinners, the "Legends" music video stars soon learn they're pregnant with a little boy, and we see him grow older, with a pivotal plot development at his seventh birthday party, when tragedy strikes.

Jeff Venable directed the video, which comes to a gutting end, all while Ballerini's sweet vocals accompany the tale. The first song off Ballerini's upcoming sophomore studio album, she co-wrote "Legends" with Forest Glen Whitehead and Hillary Lindsey.

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