What do you think about this!?

This morning Kelly Ripa returned to her co-host chair on Live! with Kelly and Michael after a brief "vacation".

A lot of people think she took time off because she was upset about the way her co-host announced his departure last week.

After several years together as partners on the show, Michael recently inked a deal with Good Morning America and Kelly found out he was leaving her and the show just minutes before the rest of the world.

GMA is owned by the same parent company as Live!  So Kelly felt very slighted that all of these decisions were being made without her.

The internet weighed in, other talk shows weighed in, our listeners weighed in, even Oprah weighed in!

The Kelly vs. Michael vs. Disney drama is so real!

Everyone has a different opinion on how Kelly should be handling this situation.  Which is kind of funny since not one of us was ever a real part of it!

Kelly came back this morning and did a brief monologue about communication and respect in the workplace, then the pair tried to get back to business as usual, but it felt more like when you were little and your parents were fighting, but you had company over!  Awkward!

This afternoon comes word that Michael will be taking an early exit on May 13.  He was initially supposed to leave in September.  Yikes.

What do you guys think of all of this?

I work for a big company, you probably do to.  Decisions get handed down all the time and we can't do a damn thing about them.  So, did Kelly have any right to be mad about the way this was handled?

I have to say, I'm with Kelly 100%.  Because I'm in the entertainment business I know that it's not a regular job.  You don't just go to work and do your job and come home.  Your life is your job and vice versa.  Kelly even said that this morning.  We poor our heart and soul into our performance everyday.  And when something like this happens, it breaks our hearts.

Especially when it comes to a co-host.  That's a partnership like no other.  It's like an arranged marriage, and sometimes you spend more time with your co-host than you do anyone else in your life.  If that relationship is wavy, your life is a little wavy.

Big wigs in suits don't understand that.  And frankly, I don't, and I'm sure Kelly doesn't, expect them to.  But before they make huge decisions like the one concerning her co-host and the future of her show that she has worked on day in and day out... she just wants to have a voice.  She wants to have a say, and have her opinion matter.

So Kelly stood up for herself.  And it appears to have worked.  ABC executives apologized to her and Michael is leaving early.

But others aren't so lucky.

Some people will try to stand up for what is right and they will fail.  Some people will try to fight the good fight and they will lose.

Lots of people are being mistreated at work.  I'd like to think that Kelly getting her apology is a little victory for people who don't have the luxury of doing what Kelly did.   After all, she did mention how she opened up a dialogue about communication and respect at work.  Kelly is standing up for all of us little people who don't have a choice.

Welcome back Queen Kelly!  I hope your future is bright!



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