A couple of years ago, I was that parent asking about the best way to keep your child at bay when in a crowded place.

We even went as far as to buy a backpack type leash for him. We were both pretty nervous about him running off and disappearing. We wound up not using it and I am grateful we didn't.

Fast forward to now and while we were on vacation, there were several parents who had their kids on leashes. I don't like to judge because everyone has their reasons. I just felt like because their child was attached to them by the leash, it gave the kid a reason to run and pull ahead. Don't get me wrong, some kids really enjoyed it, hopping and jumping with the leash.

When I was growing up, my Mom had to keep track of three of us. All we needed then was the fear of my Mom's look or a reminder that we all hold hands. She also dressed us alike so she knew where we were at all times. I think fear was the resounding factor and we knew not to go anywhere but by her side.

The thing that worked the best for us was to use the stroller as a home base. Either he's in it or holding on to it at all times. The problem with that trick is he's not going to be needing a stroller soon. I think we may have to get a tracking device. Do they make microchips for kids yet? I feel that will come in handy when he's 16 too.

What tricks do you use to make sure your kids stay close in crowded places?

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