While many of you were enjoying the great music and good vibes of Countryfest 2017 this past Saturday, Chrissy and I had a chance to sit down with a few of country music's biggest stars to talk about some of the things that define their character and help make their music so relatable.  Justin Moore was about as down to earth as anyone you'll meet and spoke with us about his "not so sexy" career backup plan.   Check out the exclusive audio here.

One of the things I appreciate more than anything else is an artist or performer who's real and authentic.  You can't fake passion, struggle, or humility.  Country music is filled with really big stars, but in reality, the're not that much different then you and me.  Justin Moore is a shining example of that.  These honest and real moments (shared willingly) give us a little more insight into what make makes them tick, and yet another reason why we connect so much with their music.

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