The very nature of the EP lends itself more to an artist's most faithful supporters than middling fans looking for an entry point into a new style or sound. Jake Owen's 'Endless Summer' EP allows his warm weather party with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw to last a little longer, but like summer love, the four songs will be little more than memories by the first yellow leaves of fall. 

Owen is most successful in crafting a live show atmosphere on 'Summer Jam' and 'Pass a Beer.' It's easy to imagine warm bodies dancing along next to you and the rush of the buzz from a $12 beer with these two on the stereo. Florida Georgia Line even provide a surprise cameo; if this was a concert, the Twitterverse would be going nuts.

Perhaps one could claim that country jam songs were put together in a rush, as the transitions are sloppy and the mix doesn't feel very clean. But we allow for such haste when the mood is right -- or at least we don't notice it because the sun is hot and the drinks are cold.

The Ben Harper cover 'Steal My Kisses' is a clever choice by Owen, and he handles it with cool confidence. 'Surefire Feeling' steers the party toward a serious to close the album (sort of a buzz kill), but if you have it on repeat, the fun begins again with 'Summer Jam.'

The songs on 'Endless Summer' won't make an impact beyond October unless Owen releases 'Steal My Kisses' as a single, which would be bold. His most loyal followers have already bought the EP. The rest of us would be best served sampling from one of his previous full-lengths in an effort to get to know this singer.