How many different animals have you encountered in your New York backyard? Perhaps on a hike you crossed paths with a wild turkey or saw a black bear, hopefully from a distance. Wild animals are closer than you might think and here's some proof.

Scroll through the pictures below to see 15 chance wild animal encounters in New York State. Porcupine, bear, eagle, fox and more! All captured with smart phones, porch cameras and trail cams.

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The official animal of New York State is the American beaver. The official bird is the bluebird and the official freshwater fish is the brook trout. This just scratches the surface! According to A-Z Animals there are approximately 92 mammal, 376 bird, and 71 amphibian and reptile species living in New York State.

I live on a busy road in the suburbs of Albany and have been fortunate to witness deer, fox, coyote, rabbit and one woodpecker spending time in my yard. This isn't a great picture but if you zoom in you will see this pileated woodpecker enjoying our walking stick.

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Fortunately YOU take better pictures than I do. Here are 15 chance encounters with wild animals in New York State. You never know what you will see and when you will see it. Keep a safe distance and, if able, snap a picture!

15 Chance Wild Animal Encounters In New York

Take a look at these pictures of wild animals taken via smart phone, trail cam and porch cameras around New York State. We share the land with these beautiful creatures we just don't get to see them very often. Thank you to all that shared these pictures!

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

New York Trail Cam Captures

You never know what you will catch on a trail cam in New York

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

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