New York State Walmart customers may be in for a shock when they try to check out. Walmart is cracking down on certain customers. According to, there were 98 Walmart stores in New York State as of 2022.

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Walmart Changes Its Coupon Policy

Many consumers in New York who have taken advantage of using coupons to reduce Walmart's already considerably low prices may be disappointed. Coupons In The News says that Walmart recently changed its policy after leaving it untouched for six years. The policy change happened on September 24, 2023.

To help our customers save money and live better, we gladly accept valid paper manufacturer coupons issued by manufacturers of products that Walmart sells. These paper manufacturer coupons must scan at the register and must not be expired in accordance with the following guidelines.

One of the major changes is that Walmart will not give cash back or allow overages to apply to other items in the transaction if the coupon's discount is greater than the item. Customers are also no longer permitted to use more than four identical coupons per day. Coupons In the News says that one of the most significant changes is that there will be no more overrides. If a checkout scanner does not accept the coupon a manager will not override it.

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Walmart Coupon Policy Updated

Walmart's coupon policy also states:

- No digital coupons on customers' phones will be accepted
- No expired coupons will be accepted
- Items must match the size, brand, quantity, color, etc. or coupons will not be accepted
- Only one manufacturer coupon per item will be accepted
- Coupons must scan at register

You can find Walmart's updated coupon policy here.

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