As you were hooking up your television to watch the Buffalo Bills play in London on Sunday morning, you may have been able to see the game…but could you understand it?

According to the American Bilingual, only about 23% of the United States population can read, speak, and understand a second language fluently, so there are only about a 1 in 4 people who may have been equipped with the ability to understand the Spanish feed that was playing on FOX for Sunday football. 

If you were confused though, that’s ok…a lot of us were dumbfounded by the audio playing in sync to the game broadcast. 

In fact, Buffalo Bills fans started a thread on Reddit to figure out what was going on. 

<blockquote class="reddit-embed-bq" data-embed-height="240">Posts from the <a href="">buffalobills</a><br> community on Reddit</blockquote><script async="" src="" charset="UTF-8"></script> 

One person said they muted the TV and linked it up with the radio sportscast, which seemed to be a good temporary fix. 

Other fans decided to mute the TV and watch with English captions, but it was a broadcast problem for most of the first quarter. 

If you were watching the Bills game on FOX, the English broadcast feed and the Spanish broadcast feed seemed to be feeding through the same channels, making it sound like the sportscasters were trying to talk over each other. 

The regular NFL network seemed to run ok and free of problems, minus the limited number of replays on flags throughout the game. 

Commercials seemed to be ok, but once it returned to the game broadcast, FOX had some issues. 

There were all kinds of posts about it throughout the first quarter.

Eventually, the issue was fixed towards the end of the first quarter. 

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