This Sunday When the engines rev and super fast cars turn left over and over again I will finally have a favorite driver. I found a young hot head that spends way too much time with Miller Lite, Brad Keselowski. The name is fun to say, the brew is fun to drink and he gets in trouble a lot. What's not to like? I also like the fact that I have never heard anyone else say "Brad Keselowski is my favorite driver". So Sunday at 1 pm ET it's my driver vs. yours. Please make this even better for me and let me know who your driver is. That way when "BAD BRAD", "Brad the Impaler" "#2 in your programs #1 in your hearts" or you can just call him CHAMP, beats your driver I can rub it in! lol I love talking trash. Enjoy the Daytona 500 and drive safer then they do. BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY, LET'S GO RACIN!!!

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