It was announced that Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line and his wife Hayley found out a few months back that they were having a boy. They had a gender reveal party where they had a "Diamonds and Dirt Bikes" cake. When they cut into it, the cake was blue on the inside. Not so fast. You would think that in 2017 our way of testing for the gender of a baby would be nearly fool proof. That was not the case. Tyler Hubbard went to social media to tell his followers that the doctor read the blood test wrong and they were actually having a girl. The couple is thrilled, they just want a healthy baby.

This got me thinking, when I was telling my mom about how the doctor got the gender wrong, she said that was common when she was having kids. I have two older sisters and my mom was telling us that the doctor was certain that all three of us were going to be boys. The names were picked out and everything. But they had to change up the names once we were born. She did say though that back then, they didn't make a big deal out of revealing the gender so it wasn't that much of an inconvenience.

I am curious, did the doctor get the gender of your baby wrong. How long ago was it? Did it happen recently with all the technology we have today?

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