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Is Our President a Little Bit Hot?
I was at lunch with some friends today when I looked up at the screen at the restaurant. Hillary Clinton was having a campaign rally and our President, Barack Obama was speaking on her behalf.
He was dressed down a bit more than we’re used to seeing him...
President Obama Gets “Spawned On” By a Salmon [Watch]
POTUS has been making all sorts of friends during his visit to Alaska, but one fan in particular, got a little crazy!  In this video a wild salmon spawns on his shoes.  With a local fisherwoman looking on, Obama picked up the fish, and a certain "liquid" seeped out...
Brad in Afghanistan
Taste of Country Music Festival headliner and overall good guy Brad Paisley went way out of his way to honor the troops over Memorial Day weekend.  He flew to Afghanistan for a surprise visit to Bagram Air Base where he played an hour-long acoustic set for about 3,000 U.S. troops!
Ricin Sent to Obama
The White House just held a press conference in which they confirmed that a letter addressed to President Obama has tested positive for richin. There is no indication that this letter is connected to the bombings in Boston.
Presidential Beer History
In observance of President's Day we take a look back at how much those who have held the office of President appreciated beer. As a matter of fact, beer was considered safer than water when the Pilgrims arrived, and they landed where they did because they were running out of beer.
Bringing Sexy Back?
I openly admit i think Barack Obama is cool and Joe Biden is only second to Chris Christie on my list of current politicians I'd like to get a beer with. So no doubt these are the perfect men to Lip dub "Sexy Back".

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