A couple of things that I consider some of the greatest, at least the handiest inventions are Bunji Cords, Duct/duck Tape, Velcros and Super Glue.  The inventor of the all mighty adhesive Super Glue has died. He is Harry Wesley Coover Jr. As the story goes, Coover was an employee at the Tennessee Eastman Kodak Company, when one of his co-workers had a problem with some prisms he was working on were ruined because they were glued together by a substance. Then In 1951, Coover and another researcher saw a possibility  for the strong adhesive. After that, it was first sold in 1958, according to the Super Glue Corp.'s website.

On a tv show called "I've Got A Secret", he actually showed a demonstration by hanging in the air on bars that were stuck to metal supports with a single drop of his Super Glue.

Obama Awards National Medals Of Science And Technology And Innovation

Last year, Coover was honored by President Barack Obama with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

He died Saturday at his home in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Super Glue has found it's way into almost everyone's life, including several incidents where fingers were stuck together, and reports of having to go to the emergency room to get them apart. The stuff works that good. Hey, accidents happen. Did you ever use Super Glue to try to repair something?

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