Sometimes while I'm driving funny things come up. There are funny billboards, people doing crazy things in their cars, and then there are some very clever and sometimes silly license plates. I found this one while I was in Buffalo over the weekend.  When I first saw this truck, and I looked at the license plate, I noticed it was a New York State issued handicapped plate. When I decoded it, I have to admit, I felt bad that they decided to get this particular vanity plate.

Chrissy Cavotta, Townsquare media
Chrissy Cavotta, Townsquare media

I guess this truck owner have a great sense of humor. It got me thinking of some clever or funny vanity plates. I have seen PB4WEGO and L82WORK. I have to admit I am not very good at decoding these plates.

I also think that these plates are a waste of money so you have to have a really good one to justify spending the money on them.


What are some of the interesting or clever license plates you have seen or had on your cars?

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