The town pool is located next to my son's elementary school. This is the time of year when they start getting it ready for the summer season. I'm not thrilled, however, who they use to clean it up.Today after Jenn dropped Ryan off at school, she observed that there were a group of inmates in orange jumpsuits, a sheriff's van, and police officers in full gear.

chrissy, townsquare media

She thought it was odd that they were at the pool that close to drop off time and they were there most of the day. The town pool needs a lot of work, too, to get it ready for the season. They did make progress today, but I don't think their work is done. I think they will return.

Am I being a paranoid parent about this? I thought there was a certain amount of feet that inmates needed to be away from school grounds especially during school hours. Would you be worried or concerned if this was happening near your child's school?