A state grant has been issued to SPAC for various improvements to the concert venue.

For over 50 years Saratoga Performing Arts Center is been one of the Northeast's premiere destinations for concerts and other cultural events, and a state grant is going to be used to not only build awareness for those great events but also for some improvements to the facility.

According to a Post Star report, the grant will be used to renovate the bathroom and concession areas at the venue, as well as additional educational space to accommodate the venue's growing educational programs. We won;t get to see the bathroom and concession updates until the 2020 season, but the Post Star did say this season you will see lighting and ramp renovations this season which started under a previous grant.

So maybe you will not see very noticeable improvements to SPAC this year but they are on the way. Now, if we can just get that whole SPAC lineup announced so we can start gearing up for summer!

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