Hi my name is Jeff and I am a Movie-aholic! HIIII JEFFFFF!!! One of my favorite websites is imdb.com aka the Internet Movie Database. IMDB put together a list of The Top Ten Horror Movies. I like their list because it's based on voting and user ratings. So not one lonely nerd in his mom's basement and no I do not live in my mom's basement!

So here's the list!

#1.)  "The Shining",  1980

#2.)  "Alien",  1979

#3.)  "Shaun of the Dead",  2004

#4.)  "Psycho",  1960

#5.)  "Cloverfield",  2008

#6.)  "Zombieland",  2009

#7.)  "Saw",  2004

#8.)  "The Exorcist",  1973

#9.)  "28 Days Later",  2002

#10.)  "Sweeney Todd",  2007