If you've ever been to the Saratoga Race Course, chances are you've been told it's "lucky" to drink the stinky, sulphery, slightly carbonated water from the "Big Red Spring". Maybe you tried it once on a dare and imediately spit it out, or perhaps you gave it a whirl as a kid, and been horrified of it ever since.  My name is Brian.  Call me crazy, but I love the stinky water of the Big Red Spring.  Is anyone else with me?  Don't be shy; here's you chance to come clean!

It's a "between race" tradition for me.  I grab a fresh dixie cup and guzzle down a few swigs of the mineral water that grosses most people out. I can't even tell you how or why I love it; it's never really brought me much luck and I don't feel any better after drinking it despite claims of it being incredibly healthy for you.  As a kid, I know my "bubbie" (yiddish for grandmother) used to enjoy a few cups of it, so maybe I develeped a taste for it from her.   To this day, no visit to the Saratoga Race Course is complete without a few "between race" chugs of the stinky water.

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