It's the age old question.  Cone or Dish? 

I'm literally split right down the middle. On one hand, I'm obsessed with TCBY and I couldn't imagine loading less amazing toppings on my fro-yo because it would be too top heavy for my cone to handle. I want almonds, dark chocolate chips, toasted coconut, peanut butter sauce (or honey) in every single spoonful! That can't happen if I'm using a cone. Plus, the dish makes it easier to enjoy while I'm driving.  It just plays much better into my inner fat kid.

The cone (sugar, waffle or regular) is a treat in and of itself.  It offers a sturdy foundation for my creamy treat as well as an edible one.  My inner fat kid loves that...score one for the cone!

The only objection one may have to the cone, is that on a really warm day, the melting effect could be messy. To that I say, you're simply not eating it fast enough!
So which is it for you; cone or dish?

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