Trace has many awesome songs, but as a fairly new dad, there is one song I am really looking forward to hearing him sing. 

You're Gonna Miss This. It's one of those songs I always thought was great, but would move on from once it ended. But now that I have become a dad in the last few years, it has a whole new meaning. It definitely hits me way harder than before I was a dad. Thinking of all the craziness in our house now, it really puts things into perspective: these ARE the good 'ol days, and we should appreciate them while we are going through them.

How many times do we look back and think 'I want that back'? Well, now you know to enjoy the journey while it happens. Make sure you get your tickets to ENJOY the journey with us tomorrow at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, all to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.