It’s true: I never thought I would have to write such a letter.

But last night, Caden, who is in first grade, had his homework from the night before sent home with a note that said “fix." No problem, we got this. So Andrea read the sheet, looked at Caden’s work and thought "hmmm... he did that." Then, she handed the sheet to Ryan, (my 22-year-old recent college graduate) who had the same reaction. Clearly these two adults were missing something very simple and it was time for me to step in.

You guessed it... I was perplexed.

Larry W. Smith, Getty Images

So this morning, we sent Caden to school with this letter:

“We tried to help Caden fix this math problem, however we could not figure out the strategy he should use. I feel silly, as it's first grade math, but we did try to go over this with him.”

And he did get the answer right , 5-3=2.

After sharing that story with a friend of Andrea's, her friend said she could go one better. Her friend told her that her 6-year-old daughter convinced her that her first grade class was NOT a nut-free class so she could bring almonds in as a snack. She said “I thought there was an allergy, but she was so convincing.” She had to call the nurse and explain her daughter totally played her and asked if she would go get the almonds!

So, what embarrassing letters or calls have you had to make to the school? Or what did you do when you were in school that caused your parents that embarrassment?