Be careful while you're driving down I-90 over the next few days, some drivers are getting distracted by this huge typo found in a new local billboard.

It happens, you double or triple check something and then once it's done, you realized you missed something huge. I'm assuming that's what happened to the real estate company Montecello.

They paid for a billboard promoting the business and it was supposed to say "Welcome to the Capital Region" surrounded by the word "Hello" in other languages. The problem is, instead of saying "Capital Region," the "I" and the "T" are switched and it says "Welcome to the Captial Region."

WNYT reached out to the owner of Montecello who said that they'll have the error fixed over the next day or so. My opinion, whether they meant to or not, this was great publicity for them. Sure, it's a typo, but it happens and now everyone in the Capital Region is talking about your business and may even take an extra trip to drive-by and see it in person!

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