I'll be first to admit it - I was no whiz when it came to standardized tests.  I'm almost positive I got a 550 in math and a 610 in English on the SAT's.  Let's see how the stars fare.

According to a story in the Albany Times Union,  they revealed the SAT scores of some big name celebrities.    (I wonder how they obtained these scores, but that's another story)

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Now you would think that this guy would have aced the SAT's. But out of 1600, he got a measly -1599!  Gotcha!

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Bubba Bill scored a 1020.  Guess what?  The guy who always got criticized for being "verbally challenged", George W Bush scored 200 points higher!!!  ("I feel your pain, Bill!)

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Scarlett Johansson only got a 1080.  Not bad, mind you but she says that she felt like an "idiot" when she got the results.

So are these scores meaningful then, or is it just a test?  Doesn't this make you wonder about the common core and what THESE test scores really signify?

i have my own opinion about the Common Core, but I decided to rhyme it.

How did YOU do on the SATs? Did it upset YOU when you got the results?