When's the last time you checked your phone? Sometimes I feel like I'm literally addicted to mine. In fact, I've been trying to make an effort to leave it in another room just so I'm not attached to it!

A new Gallup poll found 11 percent of Americans check their phone at least once every few MINUTES. Another 41 percent of us check a few times an hour . . . and 20 percent check it once an hour. That's a total of about three quarters of us. Yikes!

The survey also found only 19 percent of people ever leave home without their phone.

How do you fall on this issue? Are you a constant phone checker? Or would you be cool leaving your phone at home?

For me, I've been really trying to lose the phone when I'm around my kids. I really want to try to enjoy them while they're young! Plus, I don't want them thinking I'm not interested in their beautiful, angelic faces!

iPhone 5 (Getty)