It's a really hard question. No  one wants to think about something happening to their pets. And let's be honest, Vet bills can really add up. SO if you had to put a figure on it , how much would you pay before you stop treatment on your furry family member? I know you just said "whatever it takes", but there really is a "breaking point" with owners, and it may surprise you.

According to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company, that amount is $1,451.  The problem with that is there are a lot of procedures that are more expensive than that. Even a foreign object in the intestines will set you back, $1500. to $2000. If your dog is anything like mine, maybe we both need to be saving up some money.

Now I don't know about this particular insurance company, but it does seem to be something that you may want to consider if you have not already. I would ask my Vet about it and look into some different options for some sort of insurance. I know I would hate to have to make a choice like that.

God Bless.