Estately has figured out how much the electricity for Clark Griswold's Christmas lights would cost in the Empire Sta
It is one of the legendary scenes in 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation,' when Clark finally get the 25,000 lights on his house to work. Remember, the power company has to switch to 'Nuclear Auxilliary' when they turn on? Well, it turns out that image may not be so far fetched.

Estately has determined how much it would cost for one month to pay for the electricity for those lights. In New York, for your standard, good 'ol incandescent bulbs it would cost $4,986!! Wowza! The amazing thing is if we were talking about 25,000 LED bulbs, it would only be $57!

The most expensive state would be Hawaii at $7,552 and Louisiana the cheapest at $2,582.

So 2 lessons learned here: there really is no need to pay for 25,000 bulbs, and if you have a need for 25,000 switch all those bulbs to LED's ASAP! In fact, switch all your regular lights as well...

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