From what I've heard, and what I've seen, Buffalo Bills' fans can be a thirsty bunch.

The rabid fanbase up in Buffalo, affectionately known as Bills' Mafia, has grown a bit of a cult following for their crazy pre-game tailgates, and general hysteria during games at Highmark Stadium. Combine an already-crazy fanbase with the expectation that this year's team will be a Super Bowl contender, and we're likely to see Bills' fans like we've never seen them before in 2022.

So, with a fanbase like that traveling in droves to opposing teams' stadiums, how could you possibly prepare yourself for their arrival? Enter: the Los Angeles Rams, and a hilarious amount of beer.

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Absurd Amount of Beer Shipped to Los Angeles for Bills' Fans to Drink

According to a number of sources, including KSBY in Los Angeles, a massive shipment of Labatt Blue beer has been sent to Los Angeles' SoFi Stadium ahead of kickoff between the homestanding Rams, and the visiting Buffalo Bills.

How much beer is considered massive, you ask? Well, reports say that the company shipped $24,000 worth of beer to the stadium.

Here's a video showing the celebrity-like arrival of the chilled Labatt product:

As reported by KSBY, the order was placed by the organization Fans of Buffalo, in conjunction with a number of local chapters of Bills' Backers groups. The beer was sent to the stadium in Los Angeles, and will be available to Buffalo fans who make the trip out west.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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I can perfectly picture the conversation that must've happened for this shipment to be put in motion.

Fans of Buffalo: How much Labatt do you have?

Los Angeles Rams: A normal amount.

Fans of Buffalo: Look, we know our fans, and if you want to survive Opening Night, you're going to need a LOT more than a normal amount.

Los Angeles Rams: How much do you have in mind?

A few days later, pallets upon pallets arrive at the maintenance entrance to SoFi Stadium, and the employees in LA watch with amazement as gallons of beer are brought into the facility.

Surely, Bills' fans can't be that thirsty, right?

Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
Bills' Mafia during a pre-game tailgate party / Getty Images

Do not underestimate Bills' Mafia when it comes to supporting their team, and having a good time in the process. Buffalo is matching up against last year's Super Bowl champions, in a year where they are the favorites to lift the Lombardi Trophy.

If there is ANY game that Buffalo fans will out-do themselves, it's Thursday in Los Angeles.

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