Whoever said there is nothing to do in the Capital Region LIED.

Do you feel like you hear this a lot from your family or friends? That there is just nothing fun to do in the Capital Region? Sometimes I think folks just need to open their eyes to how great we have it in this area. Yes, taxes can be high and some spots are a little crowded, but we live at the doorstep of some natural wonders and plenty of local attractions. We have a lot to see, do, and learn about in the Capital Region.

There Is A Long List Of Popular Local Attractions

So this got me thinking - how many of our great local attractions have I actually been to? Looking at this list below, I have checked out a handful of these spots  - but I only have scratched the surface. There really is a lot to see and do here locally! So the next time you think "There is nothing to do!" or maybe the next time someone tells you how boring the Capital Region is, run down this list and honestly ask - how many of these local attractions have you or I been to? Chances are you will find something new to explore this weekend or in the seasons ahead.

How Many Of These Well Known Capital Region Attractions Have You Visited?

Looking for something to do this weekend or in the seasons ahead? Maybe it is time to check another attraction off this list popular local destinations for fun, entertainment, and more!

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