There are two kinds of people, those who fill their gas tank when it's at a quarter of a tank just in case, and the rest of us who ride E for as long as possible. Have you ever wondered how long that is exactly?

YourMechanic said that it's best to keep your car at at least 1/4 tank full but sometimes that's hard to do and the gas light comes on before we know it. We try to watch the gauge and see just how far we can go before we hit a gas station but the study says that it's not the best way.

It's good to know that with my Honda Civic, once that gas light comes on, I still have about 1.9 gallons and depending on how and where I'm driving, I have 59-80 miles left. I still need to go to a gas station and fill up but I have a little bit more time than I thought.

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