Most every Country Music singer will tell you that they hope to grab a few CMA or ACM awards along the way, but the ultimate and most rewarding goal for any artist in this genre is membership into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

After the announcement of the 2013 inductees, several people have asked how an artist gets elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame. To get the answer, we go directly to the source. According to the Country Music Hall of Fame, this is the election process to induct someone into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Election to the Country Music Hall of Fame is country music's highest honor. The Country Music Association (CMA), the country music industry's trade organization, created the accolade to recognize significant contributions to the advancement of country music by individuals in both the creative and business communities. The first members-Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose, and Hank Williams-were inducted in 1961.

Election to the Country Music Hall of Fame is solely the prerogative of the CMA. New members, elected annually by an anonymous panel of industry leaders chosen by the CMA, are formally inducted in special, invitation-only ceremonies held at the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum's Ford Theater.


Now let's get working on getting the Country Music Hall of Fame honors back on television! At one time they were a part of the CMA awards, before someone decided to cut the legends from live TV. If the Hall of Fame honors brought down the show, then I'm sure they could make an independent Hall of Fame television special and a smaller network would air it? Anyone else with me?

By the way, hats off to Keith Urban, Vince Gill and all the other current artists for organizing the 'All For The Hall' concert and campaign to keep the memories and music preserved forever.

Vince Gill and Keith Urban All For The Hall Press Conference
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